Yakima Bike Rack Review: Read This One Now

You are planning for a family bike picnic. Great idea! However, you now still find yourself wondering how to carrying three bikes all the way. Thank Goodness, there is a tool called “bike rack”. That is why you visit my Yakima Bike Rack Review.

Simply speaking, it is a towing accessory to attach one or more bike to a truck/SUV/car without taking its internal space. That way, you can transport your bikes for a long distance.

Here I introduce you to three Yakima bike racks, each of which is suitable for different type of car racks: the roof mount; the hitch mount; and the trunk mount.

The Yakima Bike Rack Review – Three Racks to Invest in 2019

The internet makes it easier than ever to search for a bike rack, but buying the best one is hard as hell, especially when you buy the rack for the first time. What to choose from hundreds of options out there? Is it worth my spending? At that time, you should go for famous brands first. And my favorite one is Yakima.

As I promised, I will review the best Yakima when it comes to each type of bike rack.

Yakima FrontLoader Rooftop Bike Rack

This roof-mounted bike rack is no doubt the top pick for some good reasons. My very first experience when having this tool in hand is its light and compact design. No accessory or additional part is required to mount this car rack since its two-part brace wedges always keep the bike upright.

Though the material is plastic – a plus for me since I do not like metal rack – it is easy to rust and heavy as well. Yakima is a trusted bike rack manufacturer, so I believe that the tool is still durable.

What I like:

  • Its main material is plastic.
  • Easy to install.
  • No extra accessory is required.
  • Recommended for “fat” bikes (20 to 29-inch wheels)

What I do not like:

  • Unloading this Yakima tool is a trickier process
  • The lock is sold separately and quite expensive.

Yakima Products Hold Up Tray Style Bike Rack

If you like a hitch-mounted car rack, check this one. I have used this rack for almost one year and be honest; I am a frequent rider. All features still work well after quite a time.

Overall, it supports excellent ergonomics and high weight capacity so that you can transport large-wheel and heavy bikes if wanted. Thanks to its StrongArm design and side-to-side adjustability, you can feel comfortable as the bike interference is reduced and hard to shift away on driving.

Not to mention, this bike rack comes with integrated locks. You might set it up and forget it. The locks secure the rack to your cars and your bikes to the rack.

Thumbs up:

  • You can load up to 4 bikes.
  • Again, I must praise about its security lock.
  • A versatile strap reduces the chance of inherent issues.

Thumbs down:

  • The plastic bolt is easy to break.
  • The threaded hitch pin takes time and effort to mount or remove the bike rack.

Since I take the tool on and off regularly, it sometimes annoys. However, the problem can be solved quickly with an additional ratchet socket.

Yakima HangOut 3 Bike Carrier

If you do not take the bikes out frequently, it is no need to spend much on a hitch-mounted or roof-mounted rack. Instead, truck-mounted bike care will do.

This tool provides a list of basic features:

  • Easy to install with the support of the quick trigger hub system
  • Hold the bikes firmly with the built-in cradles
  • Keep your vehicle from scratches since the buckles are coated with metal
  • Room up for other gear thanks to strong arms fold

Small cons:

  • Recommended for two bikes at a time. If you want to carry more, you should spend more. In case you have three bikes and the boot are roomed-free, you can manage to put one apart
  • The plastic side straps are easy to break and hard to adjust. Yakima should look for another material for this part.

A Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose Bike Rack?

Any review should always begin with some buying tips so that you can make an informed and considerative choice. And here come what to consider when buying your first bike rack.

Consider your needs at the very first

You must know what you want; otherwise, you might waste your time and money. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often do I want to transport my bikes?
  • How many bikes might I carry in one go? Will I buy more bikes in the future?
  • Should I use the rack for my vehicles or sometimes for my husband’s also?
  • How much can I spend on bike racks, such as the Yakima bike rack?
  • Can I handle the rack by myself or lend others’ hands?

Just some for the initial considerations.

Choose a bike rack type that suits your needs as above

As I introduced above, there are three types of car bike racks.

Types of Bike Racks Pros Cons
  • Free your rear window view
  • Keep your bikes from moving and swaying easily
  • Save the trunk space and increase the security
  • Take advantages of the rack for other uses: carrying bulky items; skiing; canoeing; etc.
  • Able to carry many bikes (based on your vehicle’s dimension)
  • Affordable price
  • Require additional add-ons: wheel removal, mounting points, etc.
  • Take time and effort to lift the bike on the top, as well as to unload it
  • Possibly cause wind resistance or noise on driving
  • Be the easiest and most common way to take your bike along with your vehicle
  • Designed to haul from two to five bikes at one time
  • Secure the vehicle from unexpected scratches
  • Room up the top for other gears
  • For frequent use of bikes
  • Possible swing or drop off in the event of the full load
  • Block the rear view
  • Be sturdy and bulky when driving in busy streets
  • Make it hard to access the car boot
  • Be cheapest among four bike rack types
  • Fit most vehicles without investing in additional parts
  • Light, portable and easy to unmounted when not in use
  • Protect your bikes from bug guts
  • Suitable for one or more bikes or lightweight ones
  • Higher chance of shifting or swaying on driving if poorly trapped
  • Block the view of the rear window

Wrap it Up

I have done for today. Hope that you guys can already choose the most suitable for your family picnic. Enjoy your time. If you can find a thing in this Yakima bike rack review. Let me know your actual needs, I might have other recommendations for you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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