How the DeLorean Bicycle Came to Be

The idea for The DeLorean Bicycle began much like the DeLorean vehicle itself - a goal to build a vehicle of style and substance with innovative features that would represent a value for both the passionate and casual cyclists alike.

A conversation started between good friends Stephen Wynne (Delorean Motor Company) and Marc Moore (Entrepreneur, Passionate Cyclist & Former Delorean Owner) about building possibly building a bicycle that could bear the DeLorean name, but do so without giving up anything to best bicycle manufacturers of today. Exploration of cycle design had begun. The material of the frame was selected in a more obvious fashion - the only choice was stainless steel. This was absolutley essential, as it maintained the DeLorean connection to be valid and substantial.

This proved to be an excellent choice of materials. Stainless steel for bicycle construction, while fairly new, has some fantastic benefits for cyclists. Bicycle ride quality is made up of a number of factors, some of the more important aspects being:

The stainless steel used in the DeLorean Bicycle is designed to excel in all areas of ride quality. The Italian-made Columbus XCRâ„¢ tubing is well known to be some of the most supreme stainless steel used for bicycle frame manufacturing today.

The DeLorean Bicycle gives a ride combined with a style that makes it equally at home next to your DeLorean during the car show as it would the weekly road race for the city limit signs. Even if you have never owned a DeLorean, the name and style are iconic and unmistakeable.

We invite you to RIDE THE DREAM!